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ಌ deadgurl ಌ [userpic]
Member Only
by ಌ deadgurl ಌ (deadgurl)
at January 11th, 2006 (09:40 pm)
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This community is
Member Only

My journal, My rules

1.) This journal/community is to store all blinkies, icons, graphics and whatever else is made for me deadgurl.

2.) I reserve the right to allow or deny membership to anyone at my discretion.

3.) If you have made something for me in the past, you have been invited to join and once you join you will be able to see the entry with all of my credits.

4.) I have taken the time to sit here and make each maker an entry. In turn you will need to check the memories for your personal entry.

5.) No promoting in my freakin' journal, seriously. annoying thanks!

6.) Type like you are educated. everybody makes typo's but seriously, "dun type lyke diz" it's annoying & i will check your journal before adding you.